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Canoe kayak Advanced Elements Airfusion 2011-2012

Test and Description : The kayak Advanced Elements Airfusion 2011-2012 is a 1 person inflatable boat. The aim of the designers: get a kayak with almost the same performance as a rigid kayak. With the use of aluminum to stiffen the base and the choice of a classic shape, the bet is almost succeeded! An ideal kayak for use in sea, lake and easy river! A high-end inflatable kayak! Kayak price: 995 euros.

Review of Canoe-Reserve.com : This Airfusion kayak from Advanced Elements, inflatable kayak, is turned to the performance. Performance in terms of transport and storage (assembly, disassembly and storage in a short time). Performance in terms of behavior and strength, thanks to an aluminum frame and the high pressure tubes (PVC Tarbaulin: PVC sandwich + fiber = durability and handling). On the water, it's almost like a rigid kayak!

canoe kayak

Performance of canoe kayak Advanced Elements Airfusion :

Agility : 8/10
Directivity : 7/10
Stability : 7/10
Speed : 7/10
Durability : 6/10

Program of canoe kayak Advanced Elements Airfusion :

Skills on easy sea : 8/10
Skills on the waves : 5/10
Skills on lake : 8/10
Skills on easy river : 7/10
Skills on difficult river / whitewater (cat. I to III) : 3/10

Specifications of canoe kayak Advanced Elements Airfusion :

Length : 3,97 m
Width : 0,64 m
Weight : 14,5 kg
Max Load : 136 kg
Number of person(s) loadable : 1 adult

Average Price of this canoe kayak : 995 euros

ADVANTAGES : very light. Kayak very easy to transport and store, at home or in your car. Good durability.

WEAKNESSES : not for whitewater. High price.


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